Future-proof cabs planned for next-gen Rokbak articulated haulers

By Andy Brown and Larry StewartApril 05, 2023

(Photo: Rokbak)

Rokbak announced at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 that it is developing its next generation of operator cabs for its two articulated haulers.

The company, a division of VolvoCE, said new cabs for the RA30 and RA40 ADTs would include features that provide operators with more comfort, with an updated ergonomic layout and screen displays that ensure the models are ready for future automation and connectivity functions.

Today’s trucks

The company has not yet revealed a launch date for the next-generation haulers, and its current models took center stage at the company’s exhibit in Las Vegas, which focused on the four key themes of innovation, sustainability, connected services and efficiencies.

The RA40 has a payload capacity just short of 42 tons and heaped capacity of a little more than 30 cubic yards. It’s powered by a 444-horsepower Scania DC13 engine that develops 1,663 pounds-feet of maximum torque.

(Photo: Rokbak)

The Rokbak RA30 ADT’s payload capacity is nearly 31 tons, with heaped capacity of nearly 23 cubic yards. It is powered by a 370-horsepower Scania DC9 engine with maximum torque of 1,387 pounds-feet.

Both engine ranges are globally emissions-compliant and meet the requirements of North American legislation. For the European market, Rokbak offers them with the latest EU Stage V emissions-compliant engines, improving fuel efficiency up to 7% improvement in compared to EU Stage IV engines.

Automatic adaptive shifting capabilities from the RA40’s Allison HD4560 transmission matches the transmission to the engine. High-performance oil can extend the Allison HD4560 transmission’s service intervals up to 6,000 hours.

(Photo: Rokbak)

RA30的ZF EP320传输有八forward gears as well as four reverse gears with equal ratio steps and optimized shifting with partial-load shifts. Long-life transmission fluid increases oil-service intervals to 4,000 hours.

Both trucks get magnetic suction filters that reduce contaminants entering the hydraulic system. Cleaner hydraulic oil prolongs hydraulic component life, and both models can go 4,000 hours between hydraulic fluid maintenance periods. An electronically activated exhaust brake and a six-stage modulating transmission retarder extends brake component life.

What is Rokbak?

Rokbak traces its roots back to Euclid Road Machinery, and its manufacturing plant in Motherwell, Scotland. The Euclid earthmoving division was renamed Terex in 1968 and launched its first articulated dump truck, the 3204, in 1982. The Volvo Group bought the off-road truck product line from Terex Corp. in 2014 and relaunched it as Rokbak in 2021 with the two ADTs.

In line with Volvo’s group sustainability targets, both the RA30 and RA40 are compatible with HVO fuel (hydrotreated vegetable oil), which significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

(Photo: Rokbak)

Rokbak’s senior product manager, Scott Pollock, said, “We’re always innovating, designing and building to keep our haulers rock solid. Since the success of our rebrand 18 months ago, we are now moving into the next phase of the Rokbak development journey. Our four product themes will be used to develop both Rokbak’s future product and product services offerings, aligned to customer needs.”

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